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    About us

    Established in 1988, Openchem has been active in manufacturing, domestic and international trade as well as investment over the past several years of booming development.. The head office is located in Shanghai Jinqiao Export Processing Zone.


    We are focusing on polymer additives,environmental chemicals,cosmetic ingredients and other special fine chemicals.In 2005, our R&D for polymer additives' application was found in Milano,Italy. Since 2003, we establish 6 plants located in Jiangsu, Jiangxi,Hebei,Shandong and Hebei.


    Thanks for our excellent team, we are supplying large amount of chemical products to our clients in the world as well as importing many good chemical products from international market to China.Now, We are the sole agent of  EVERKEM ( ITALY),FLAMTECH (ITALY) ,DOBER (USA) and AKDENIZ KIMYA ( TURKEY) in China. We are the distributor of  INEOS (UK),INKKABOR ( PREU),ARCHEAN (INDIA) ,GUJARAT (INDIA) and some other foreign companies in China also.


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